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Yogesh Simmhan Joins Ming Hsieh Electrical Engineering Faculty

October 18, 2012 —

Yogesh Simmhan has been appointed as Research Assistant Professor at the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering and Associate Director of the Center for Energy Informatics starting July, 2012. He received his M.S. in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2007 from Indiana University in Computer Science, and subsequently was a post-doc research staff member at Microsoft Research. He has been with USC since October 2010 as a post-doctoral and senior research associate.

His research area is on distributed data and computing systems that spans cloud and distributed computing, semantic information management, and software architectures for large scale applications in eScience and Cyber Physical Systems. His interests include workflow and dataflow abstractions to compose dynamic and distributed applications, robust execution frameworks for cloud platforms, and provenance and scientific data management in multi-disciplinary environments. These serve the overarching goal of building scalable, resilient systems to empower dynamic, distributed and "big data" applications.

Yogesh is currently leading an effort to build a scalable software infrastructure for smart grid applications as part of the DOE-supported Los Angeles Smart Grid Project, and has recently been awarded a DARPA XDATA grant to investigate large scale graph analytics. He has published over 50 peer-previewed articles in journals and conference proceedings, and led the USC team that won the IEEE SCALE Challenge, 2012.