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1985 Tech Reports

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CRI-85-02   DIP A Data-Driven Instruction Pipeline Architecture
by M. Dubois, C. Schewrich
CRI-85-05            Area Estimation of VLSI Integrated Circuits
by Fadi J. Kurdahi and Alice c. Parker
CRI-85-07   A Reduced Multiprocessor for VLSI Implementation of Parallel Algorithms
by K. Hwang, P.S Tseng
CRI-85-08   Multipipeline Networking for Fast Evaluation of Vector Compound Function
by K. Hwang, Z. Xu

An Extensible Object-Oriented Approach to Databases for VLSI/CAD
by Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Dennis McLeof, David Knapp and Alice Parker


An Approah to Semi-Automatic Physical Database Design and Evolution for Personal Information Systems
by Rafiul Ahad and Dennis McLeod

CRI-85-13   The Relation-Partitioning Approach to Processing Star Queries in Distributed Databases
by C. P. Wang, Victor O.K. Li
CRI-85-16   Geometric Reasoning: A New Paradigm for Processing Geometric Information
by F. Arbab, J. Wing
(DISC 83-6a)
  A Data Structure For VLSI Synthesis and Verification
by David W. Knapp and Alice C. Parker
CRI-85-21   The 3DIS: An Extensible Object-Oriented Framework for Information Management
by Hamideh Afsarmanesh Tehrani
CRI-85-22   3.3 Interface and I/O Protocal Descriptions
by Alice C. Parker and Nohbyung Park
CRI-85-23   Synthesis of High-Speed Digital Systems
by Nohbyung Park
CRI-85-25   A Design Utility Manager
by David W. Knapp and Alice C. Parker
CRI-85-28   The Effect of Register-Transfer Design Tradeoffs on CHIP Area and Performance
by John J. Granacki and Alice C. Parker
CRI-85-29   Simulation Effectiveness Research Report
by Alice C. Parker
CRI-85-30   Wiring Space Estimation of Master Slice ICS
by Sarma Sastry
CRI-85-31   On the Relation between Wire Length Distributions and Placement of Logic on Master Slice ICS
by Sarma Sastry
CRI-85-32   Synthesis of Optimal Clocking Schemes for Digital Systems
by Nohbyung Park and Alice C. Parker
CRI-85-33   Simulation Effectiveness and Design Verification (Final Report)
by Alice C. Parker, Nohbyung Park and David W. Knapp
CRI-85-34   The ADAM Advanced Aotomation System: Overview, Planner and Natural Language Interface
by John Granacki, David Knapp and Alice Parker
CRI-85-36   Synthesis of Optimal Pipeline Clocking Schemes
Nohbyung Park and Alice Parker
CRI-85-37   FLEXISM: A Simulation Environment for Multiprocessor Systems
by J.Y.J. Liang, M. Dubois
CRI-85-38   Trace Driven Simulations of Parallel, Distributed Algorithms in Multiprocessors
by M. Dubois, J.L. Gaudiot, N. Tohme
CRI-85-39   Analysis of Partitioning and Allocation Techniques in a Cluster-Based Machine
by M. Dubois, J.L. Gaudiot, N. Tohme