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1986 Tech Reports

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CRI-86-01 On Mapping Parallel Algorithms Into Mesh-Connected Computers
by T.C. Lin, D.I. Moldovan


Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence Machines
by K. Hwang, J. Ghosh


Fault-Tolerant Multiprocessors with Redundant-Path Interconnection Networks
by C.S. Raghavendra, A. Varma

CRI-86-04 Rearrangeability of Multistage Shuffle/Exchange Networks
by C.S Raghavendra, A. Varma
CRI-86-05 Rearrangeability of the 5-Stage Shuffle/Exchange Network for N=8
by C.S Raghavendra, A. Varma
CRI-86-06 Fault-Tolerant Routing in Multistage Interconnection Networks
by A. Varma, C.S Raghavendra
CRI-86-07 Reservation CSMA/CD: A New Multiple Access Protocol For Lan
by S.J.Chen, Victor O.K. Li
 CRI-86-08 A Termination Protocol For Simple Network Partitioning in Distributed Database Systems
by C.L. Huang, V.O.K. Li
 CRI-86-09 Token Relabeling in a tagged data-flow architecture
by J.L. Gaudiot, Y.H. Wei
 CRI-86-10 Iterative methods in subspace for solving elliptic problems using domain decomposition
by M. Dryja, W. Proskurowski
 CRI-86-11 A knowledge based system for designing testable VLSI circuits
by M. S. Abadir
 CRI-86-12 Domain decomposition seminar notes
by M. Dryja, W. Proskurowski
 CRI-86-13 Parallel Processing Model for Loging Programming
by Y-W. Tung
 CRI-86-14 Parallel I/O Processing in High-Speed Finite-Element Multiprocessors
by K. Hwang, P. Tseng
 CRI-86-15 Reliability Analysis and Optimization the Design of Distributed Systems
by S. Hariri
 CRI-86-16 Pyramids versus Enhanced Arrays for Parallel Image Processing
by V. K. P. Kumar, D. Reisis
 CRI-86-17 Computer Architectures for Artificial Intelligence Processing
by K. Hwang, J. Ghosh, R. Chowkwanyun
 CRI-86-18 Mapping Algorithms into Mesh Connected Computers
by T.C. Lin, D.I. Moldovan
CRI-86-19 Power and Ground Routing for Semi-Custom VLSI Circuits
by S. Chowdhury
CRI-86-20 Dependancy and Hazard Resolution in Multiprocessors
by M. Dubois, C. Scheurich
CRI-86-21 Performance Optimization Techniques for an Object-Oriented Semantic Data Model
by R. Ahad, D. McLeod
CRI-86-22 Synchronization, Coherence and Ordering of Events in Multiprocessors
by M. Dubois, C. Scheurich, F.A. Briggs
CRI-86-23 A Knowledge Based System for Testable Design Methodology Selection
by Xi-an Zhu
CRI-86-26 Molecules: Typed Procedures for Concurrent Programming on Vector/Parallel and Distrbuted Computers
by Z. Xu, K. Hwang
CRI-86-27 Application of Analytical Program Models to the Evaluation of Cache-Based Systems
by M. Dubois, J.C. Wang
CRI-86-28 Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Image Template Matching on Hyercube SIMD Machines
by V.K.P Kumar, V. Krishnan
CRI-86-29 Reduced Model Adaptive Inverse Control for Accurate Robot Arm Path Tracking
by S. Lee
CRI-86-30 Expert Assisted Robot Skill Acquisition Part I: Theory and Skill Transfer
by S. Lee, M-H. Kim
CRI-86-31 Expert Assisted Robot Skill Acquisition Part II: Skill Discovery and Experimentations
by S. Lee, M-H. Kim
CRI-86-32 Efficient Parallel Evaluation of Straight-Line Code and Arithmetic Circuits
by G. Miller, V. Ramachandran, E. Kaltofen
CRI-86-35 VTRAN: A VT to PNF Translator
by M. Milnar, A. Parker
CRI-86-37 Numerical Experiments and Implementation of a Domain Decomposition Method with Cross Points for the Model Problem
by M. Dryza, W. Proskurowski, O. Widlund
CRI-86-38 A New Dynamic Resource Allocation Scheme for Distributed Computer Systems
by H. Liu, J. Silvester