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1987 Tech Reports

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CRI-87-01 MACE: A FlexibleTestbed for Distributed AI Research
by L. Gasser, C. Braganza, N. Herman

Understanding Digital System Specifications Written in Natural Language
by J.J. Granacki, Jr.


Hypernets for Parallel Processing with Connectionist Architectures
by K. Hwang, J. Ghosh

CRI-87-04 Dynamic Load Balancing Methods for Message-Passage Multicomputers
by K. Hwang, R. Chowkwanyun
CRI-87-05 An Orthogonal Multiprocessor for Efficient Parallel Processing
by K. Hwang, P.S. Tseng, D. Kim
CRI-87-06 A Planning Model of the Design Process
by D.W. Knapp
 CRI-87-07 Multiple Agent Cooperative Problem Solving with Axiom-Based Negotiation
by Sukhan Lee, Yeong Gil Shin
 CRI-87-08 Interconnection Protocols for Interorganization Networks
by D. Estrin
 CRI-87-09 Predicting Area Time Trade Offs Pipeline Designs
by R. Jain, A. Parker, N. Park
CRI-87-10 REAL: A Program for Register Allocation
by F.J. Kurdahi, A.C. Parker
CRI-87-11 PHRAN-SPAN; A Natural Language Interface for System Specifications
by J.J. Granacki, A.C Parker
CRI-87-12 Molecules: A Language Construct for Concurrent Programming
by Z. Xu, K. Hwang
CRI-87-13 Built-in Test for Folded Programmable Logic Arrays
by M.A. Breur, F. Saheban
CRI-87-14 Self-Diagnosis of Regular Arrays of Processors
by F. Saheban, M.A. Breur
CRI-87-15 Pipeline Nets for Compound Vector Supercomputing
by K. Hwang, Z. Xu
 CRI-87-16 MACE: Multi-Agent Computing Environment Version 6.0 Release Note
by C. Braganza, L. Gasser
CRI-87-17 Dynamic Parallel Complexity of Computational Circuits
by G. Miller, S.H. Teng
CRI-87-18 Parallel Tree Contraction Part I- Fundamentals
by G. Miller, J.H. Reif
CRI-87-19 Minimal State Space Search in Production Systems
by D. Moldovan, V. Dixit
CRI-87-20 Schematic Database Modelling: Survey, Applications and Research Issues
by R. Hull, R. King
CRI-87-21 Fixed Axis Tool Positioning with Built in Global Interference Checking for NC-Path Generation
by A. Hansen, F. Arbab
CRI-87-22 Advanced Parallel Processing and Supercomputer Architectures
by K. Hwang
CRI-87-23 On Array Storage For Conflict-Free Memory Access for Paralle Processors
by M. Balakrishnan, R. Jain, C.S. Raghavenddra
CRI-87-24 Proposal for an Integrated System for Software Project Management
by E. Horowitz
CRI-87-25 An Extensible Object-Oriented Framework for Engineering Design
by K.V. Bapa Rao
CRI-87-26 Parallel Tree Contraction Part 2: Further Applications
by G. Miller, J.H. Reif
CRI-87-27 A Paradigm for Intelligent CAD for Inter-Organization Networks
by F. Arbab
CRI-87-28 Interconnection Protocols for Inter-Organization Networks
by D. Estrin
CRI-87-29 Interconnection of Private Networks: A Like Between Industrial and Telecommunications Policy
by D. Estrin
CRI-87-30 Detection of CMOS Stuck- Open Faults Using Random and Pseudo-Random Test Sequences
by S. Sastry, M. Breuer
CRI-87-31 Multi-Robot Assembly Process Planning
by S. Lee, Y.G. Shin
CRI-87-32 RUBIC: A Multiprocessor for Rule-Based Systems
by D. Moldovan
CRI-87-33 The Control of Surface Contact and Slide Using Wrist Force/Torque Sensor
by S. Lee, J.M. Lee
CRI-87-34 Optimal Allocation of Tasks to Multiprocessors
by D. Moldovan, R. Ashvin
CRI-87-35 Parallelism Analysis in Rule-Based Systems using Graph Grammars
by D. Moldovan, F. Parisi-Presicce
CRI-87-36 The Allocation Problem in Parallel Production Systems
by V. Dixit, D. Moldovan
CRI-87-37 Para-Logic Programming: A Technique for Developing Parallel Programs
by D. Jacobs
CRI-87-38 Analysis and Algorithms for the Area Efficient Layout of Custom Integrated Circuits
by M.S. Chandrasekhar
CRI-87-39 A Distributed-Control Function Invocation Mechanism for Data-Driven Execution
by Y. H. Wei, J-L. Gaudiot
CRI-87-40 Area Estimation of VLSI Circuits
by F. Kurdahi
CRI-87-41 A formal model for software project management
by L.C. Liu, E. Horowitz
CRI-87-42 A Simple Proof of Rearrangeability of Five Stage Shuffle/Exchange Network for N=8
by K. Kim, V.K. Prasanna Kumar
CRI-87-43 On Synthesizing Optimal Family of Linear Systolic Arrays for Matrix Multiplication
by Tsai, V.K. Prasanna Kumar
CRI-87-44 An Efficient Fixed Size Array for Solving Large Scale Toepliz Systems
by A. Daghi, V.K. Prasanna Kumar, A. Safari
by S. Kurtzman, S. Ginsburg
CRI-87-46 Input Dependent only Object Histories
by S. Ginsburg, D. Tiang
CRI-87-47 Sense & Verifiable Schemes for Electron & General Distributed Computing Problems
by M-D. Huang, S-H. Teng
CRI-87-48 VLSI Arrays with Reconfigurable Buses (Preliminary Version)
by V.K. Prasanna Kumar, D. Reisis
CRI-87-49 A Reduced Mesh of Trees Organization for Efficient Solutions to Graph Problems
by V.K. Prasanna Kumar, H.M. Alnuweiri
by V.K. Prasanna Kumar, H.M. Alnuweiri
CRI-87-51 Multiprocessor of Functions for Concurrent Lisp Processing
by K. Hwang, R. Chowkwanyun
CRI-87-52 Design and Analysis of Reliable Interconnection Networks
by A.M. Varma
CRI-87-53 Optimal Tree Contraction in EREW Model
by H. Gazit, G.L. Miller, S.H. Teng
CRI-87-54 A Parallel Algorithm for Finding a Separator in Planar Graphs
by H. Gazit, G. L. Miller
CRI-87-55 A Two-mode Dynamic Algorithm (TMDA) for Load-Balancing in Distributed Systems
by H. T. Liu, J. A. Silvester
CRI-87-56 Managing the Components of a Large-Scale Software Systems
by Y. Sugiyama, E. Horowitz
CRI-87-57 Fixed-Axis Tool Positioning with Built-in Global Interference Checking for NC Path Generation
by A. Hansen, F. Arbab
CRI-87-58 Contemporary Tool Positioning Methods
CRI-87-59 Module Selection for Pipelined Design
by R. Jain, A. Parker, N. Park
 CRI-87-60 Understanding Software Documentation: Product Processes and Settings
by A. Jazzar
by K. Hwang, H. C. Wang
CRI-87-62 Demand-driven Interpretation of FP programs on a Data-Flow Multiprocessor
by J.-L Gaudiot, Y. H. Wei
CRI-87-63 Remarks on Spectroequivalence of Certain Discreet Operators
by Wlodek Proskurowski
CRI-87-65 Mapping Neural Networks onto Highly Parallel Multiprocessors
by Joydeep Ghosh, Kai Hwang
CRI-87-66 Understanding Software Technology Transfer
by Walt Scacchi, Jimm Babcock
CRI-87-67 Understanding Software Productivity
by Walt Scacchi, C. M. K. Kintala
CRI-87-68 The USC System Factory Project
by Walt Scacchi
CRI-87-69 Understanding Software Documentation: Products Processes and Settings
by Abdulaziz Jazzar, Walt Scacchi
CRI-87-70 Understanding the Production and Consumption of Software Documentation: An Empirical Study and Model
by Abdulaziz Jazzar
CRI-87-71 Abstraction Mechanism in Hypertext
by Pankaj K. Garg
CRI-87-72 A Hypertext System to Manage Software Life Cycle Documents
by Pankaj K. Garg, Walt Scacchi
CRI-87-73 A Software Hypertext Environment for Configured Software Descriptions
by Pankaj K. Garg, Walt Scacchi
CRI-87-74 On Designing Intelligent Hypertext Systems for Information Management in Software Engineering
by Pankaj K. Garg, Walt Scacchi