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1988 Tech Reports

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CRI-88-01 Towards a Unified Decision Technology: Area of Common Interest through Artificial intelligence and Business Forecasting
by Bruce Abramson

Object Flavor Evolution in an Object Oriented Database System
by Qing Li, Dennis McLeod


Conceptual Database Evolution through Learning
by Qing Li, Dennis McLeod

CRI-88-04 On-Chip Controller Design for Built-in-Text
by Melvin Breuer
CRI-88-05 Parallel Asynchronous Algorithms for Discrete Data
by Majid Haghoo, Wlodek Proskurowski
CRI-88-06 Parallel efficiency of a Domain Decomposition Method
by Majid Haghoo, Wlodek Proskurowski
CRI-88-07 Object Database Support for a Software Project Management Environment
by Lung-Chun Liu, Ellis Horowitz
CRI-88-08 On the Composition of Datalog Program Mapping
by Guozhu Dong
CRI-88-09 Dual Redundant Arm Configuration Optimization with Task-Oriented
by Sukhan Lee, Jang M. Lee
CRI-88-10 Variable-Axis Tool Positioning for NC Path Generation
by Allan Hansen, Farhad Arbab
CRI-88-11 The ADAM Design Planning Engine
by David W. Knapp, Alice C. Parker
CRI-88-12 Data Path Synthesis of Pipelined Designs: Theoretical Foundations
by R. Jain, N. Park, A. C. Parker
CRI-88-13 Multi-Agent Cooperative Problem Solving and Learning with Axiom-Based Reasoning
by Sukhan Lee, Yeong Gil Shin
CRI-88-14 Optical Communication for Pointer-Based Algorithms
by Richard J. Anderson, Gary L. Miller
CRI-88-15 P3: A Parallel Planner Concurrently Generating Parallel Plans
by Sukhan Lee, Kyusik Chung
CRI-88-16 Multilayer Feedforward Potential Function Network
by Sukhan Lee, Rhee M. Kil
CRI-88-17 Sequential and Parallel Algorithms for Computing a Large Independent Set in Planar Graphs
by M. Chrobak. J. Naor
CRI-88-18 Fairness Considerations in an Integrated Voice/Data LAN
by C. Yuan, J. Silvester
CRI-88-19 Numerical Algoriths in a Data-Driven Environment
by J.-L. Gaudiot, P. Evripidou
CRI-88-20 Minimum Spanning Tree on the HMESH Architecture
by R. V. Boppana, C. S Raghavendra
CRI-88-21 Fault-tolerant Networks based on the de Brujin Graph
by M. A. Sridhar, C. S. Raghavendra
CRI-88-22 A New approach to the Rearrangeability Problem of Multistage Interconnection Networks
by C. S. Raghavendra, M. A. Sridhar, Suresh Chalasani
CRI-88-23 Minimal Full-Access Networks; Enumeration and Characterization
by M. A. Sridhar, C. S. Raghavendra
CRI-88-24 Programming INMOS Transputers in a High-Level Data-Flow Language
by J. L. Gaudiot, T. L. Lee
CRI-88-25 Queueing Analysis of Delay Constrained Voice Traffic in a Packet Switching System
by Chin Yuan, John A. Silvester
CRI-88-26 Shared Data Contention in a Cache-Coherence Protocol
by M. Dubois, J.-C. Wong
CRI-88-27 An Area-Time Model for Synthesis of Non-Pipelined Designs
by R. Jain, M. J. Mlinar, A. C. Parker
CRI-88-28 Representation of Control in timing Behavior with Applications to Interface Synthesis
by S. Hayati, A. Parker
CRI-88-29 Concurrent Lisp Execution of AI-Oriented Gabriel Benchmarks with Hybrid Load Balancing
by Raymond Chowkwanyun, Kai Hwang
CRI-88-30 Analysis of Memory Access Dependencies in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors
by M. Dubois, C. Scheurich
CRI-88-31 Examples of Geometric Reasoning
by F. Arbab
by Prasanna Kumar
CRI-88-43 Dynamic Load Balancing in Distributed Heterogeneous Computer Systems
by Tze-Hore Howard Liu
CRI-88-59 A Methodology for Partial Scan Design Using Balanced Sequential Structures
by Rajesh, Rajiv Gupta and Melvin Breuer
CRI-88-60 On the Performance of Protocols to Support Intergrated Voice and Data Services
by Chin Yuan and John Silvester
CRI-88-61 MABAL: A Software Package for Module and Bus ALlocation
by Kayhan Küçükçakar and Alice C. Parker
CRI-88-62 Detecting Multiple Bridging Faults in CMOS Combinational Circuits
by Kuen-Jong Lee and Melvin Breuer