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1992 Tech Report

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CENG 92-01 Matching Algorithms and Arichitecture in Hierarchical
Shared-Memory Multiprocessor (HSM) Systems

by Ashfaq Khokhar and Michel Dubois
CENG 92-02 Synthesis of Interconnection Structures for Multi-Chip Designs
by Yung-Hua Hung and Alice Parker
CENG 92-03 CSG: Control Path Synthesis in the ADAM System
by Jen-Pin Weng and Alice Parker
CENG 92-04 SWiTEST: Program Organization and Manual
by Kuen-Jong Lee and Melvin A. Breuer
CENG 92-05 Towards Synthesizing Memory Architecture for
Applications- Specific Systems

by Pravil Gupta and Alice C. Parker
CENG 92-06 Reliability Evaluation of Fault-Tolerant Computing
Systems and Networks

by Meera Balakrishnan
CENG 92-07 A Model for the Performance Analysis of
Voice/Data ATM Multiplexers

by Shiouming Stanley Wang and John A. Silvester
CENG 92-08 A Multiple Class Buffer Priority Algorithm for the Design
of B-ISDN Networks

by N. Fonseca and J. A. Silvester
CENG 92-09 Test Pattern Generators for Pseudo Exhaustive Two-Pattern Testing
by Sandeep Gupta and Chih-Ang Chen
CENG 92-10 An Approach to Path-Splitting in Multipath Networks
by Ram Krishnan and John A. Silvester
CENG 92-11 Delayed Consistency and Its Effects on the Miss
Rate of Parallel Programs

by Michel Dubois, Jin Chin Wang, Luiz, A. Barroso,
Kangwoo Lee and Yung-Syau Chen
CENG 92-12 Scalability Problems in Multiprocessors with Private Caches
by Michael Dubois, Luiz, Barroso, Yung-Syau Chen and Koray Oner
CENG 92-13 Cache Inclusion and Processor Sampling in
Multiprocessor simuations

by Jacqueline Chame and Michel Dubois
CENG 92-14 Improving the Performance of Data Caches in Systems
with Large Miss Latencies

by Koray Oner and Michel Dubois
CENG 92-15 Alphabetic Fanout Optimization
by Hirendu Vaishnav and Massoud Pedram
CENG 92-16 Power-Efficient Technology Decomposition and Mapping
by Chi-Ying Tsui, Massoud Pedram, Alvin M. Despain
CENG 92-17 BDD-Based Logic Decomposition: Theory and Practice
by Yung-Te Lai, Massoud Pedram, Sarma Sastry
CENG 92-18 Hardware/Software Resolutions for Pipeline Hazards in
Instruction Set Processors

by Ing-Jer Huang and Alvin Despain
CENG 92-19 The Performance of Cache-Coherent Ring-based Multiprocessors
by Luiz Andre Barroso and Michel Dubois
CENG 92-20 The Verification of Cache, Coherence Protocols
by Fong Pong and Michel Dubois
CENG 92-21 A Fast Performance Model for Real-Time Multimedia Communications
by Shiouming Stanley Wang and John A. Silvester
CENG 92-22 High-Level Synthesis with Pin Constraints for Multiple-Chip Designs
by Yung-Hua Hung
CENG 92-23 Dream Machine- A Platform for Efficient Implementation of
Neural Networks with Abitrarly Complex

by Soheil Shams
CENG 92-24 2D Object Recognition by Adaptive Feature Extraction
and Dynamical Link Graph Matching

by Kenneth Flaton
CENG 92-25 BIST Test Pattern Generators for Two-Pattern
Pseudo-Exhaustive testing

by Sandeep K. Gupta and Chih-Ang Chen