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1998 Tech Reports

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 CENG 98-01          A Methodology for transforming Memory Tests for In-system Testing of Direct Mapped Cache Tags
by Sultan Al-Harbi and Sandeep Gupta
 CENG 98-02

Design and Performance of the Software-Controlled Coma
by Adian Moga

 CENG 98-03

Generalized Input Reduction BIST TPG for Cluster Interconnection Test at Board Levels
by C-H Chiang and Saneep Gupta

 CENG 98-04 Codex-dp: Co-design of Communicating Systems Using Dynamic Programming
by Jui-Ming Chang and Massoud Pedram
 CENG 98-05 Design of Application Software for Embedded Signal Processing
by Wenheng Liu and Viktor K. Prasanna
 CENG 98-06 T-Robust Testing for Delay Faults
by Suriya Natalrajan, Sandeep Gupta and Melvin Breuer
 CENG 99-07 A New Path-Oriented Effect-Cause Methodology to Diagnose Delay Failures
by Yuan-Chieh Hsu and Sandeep K. Gupta
 CENG 98-08 Options for Dynamic Address translation in COMAs
by Xiaogang Qui and Michel Dubois
 CENG 98-09 Parallel Implementation of a Class of Adaptive Signal Processing Applications
by Myungho Lee and Viktor K. Prasanna
 CENG 98-10 Synthesis of Area-Efficient and High-Throughput Rate Data Format Converters
by Jongwoo Bae and Viktor K. Prasanna
 CENG 98-11 Cycle-Accurate Macro Models for RT-Level Power Analysis
by Qing Wu and Massoud Pedram
 CENG 98-12  
 CENG 98-13  
 CENG 98-14  
 CENG 98-15  
 CENG 98-16 Automatic Array Partitioning and Distributed Array Compilation for Efficient Communication
by Hung-Yu Tseng
 CENG 98-17 Analysis of Variance in Micropipelines
by Aiguo Xie and Peter Beerel
 CENG 98-18  
 CENG 98-19 Micro Processor Power Estimation Using Profile Drive Program Synthesis
by Cheng-Ta Hsieh and Massoud Pedram
 CENG 98-20 Anaysis and Implementation of Optoelectronic Network Routers
by Mongkol Raksapatcharawong
 CENG 98-21 Logical Physical Co-Design for Deep Submicron Digital Circuits
by Amir H. Salek. Jinan Lou and Massoud Pedram
 CENG 98-22 Efficient Algorithms for Block-Cyclic Array Redistribution between Processor Sets
by Neugsoo Park and Viktor K. Prasanna
 CENG 98-23 A Dynamic Resource Allocation and Measurement-Based Call Admission Control Algorithm for Integrated Service Networks
by Tien Chien Yu and John Silvester
 CENG 98-24 Interaction between Multimedia and Traditional (FTP/WEB) Applications: An Experimental Performance Study
by Gurvinder Singh and John Silvester
 CENG 98-25  Assisted Execution
by Michel Dubois and Yong Ho Song
 CENG 98-26 Studies on the Impact of Long-term Correlation on Computer Network Performance: Part I Link-Layer Modeling
by Hany D. Alsaialy and John Silvester
 CENG 98-27 Studies on the Impact of Long-term Correlation on Computer Network Performance: Part II Link-Layer Modeling
by Hany D. Alsaialy and John Silvester
CENG 98-28 Accuracy Sensititive Word-Length Selection for Algorithm Optimization
by Suhrid Ashok Wadekar
 CENG 98-29 Probabilistic Analysis of Power Dissipation in VLSI Systems
by Radu Marculescu
 CENG 98-30 Studies on the Impact of Long-Term Correlation on Computer Network Performance
by Hany D. Alsaialy
 CENG 98-31 Optimization of BIST Resources During High-Level Systems
by Ishwar Parulkar