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1999 Tech Reports

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CENG 99-01          Test Generation for Path-Delay Faults in Iterative Logic Arrays
by Nabil Abdulrazzaq and Sandeep Gupta
 CENG 99-02

Dynamic Power Management Based: A Continuous-Time Stochastic Approach
by Qinru Qui, Qing Wu, and Masssoud Pedram

 CENG 99-03

MCOMA: A Multithreaded COMA Architecture
by Halima M. El Naga

 CENG 99-04 Timing Analysis for Test Generation for Crosstalk-Induced Delay in Integrated Circuits
by Wei-Yu Chen, Sandeep K. Gupta and Melvin a. breuer
 CENG 99-05 LT-RTPG: A New Test Per Scan BIST TPG for Low Heat Dissipation
by S. Wang and Sandeep K. Gupta
 CENG 99-06 Optimizing Average-Case Performance in the Technology Mapping of Asynchronous Circuits
by Wei-Chun Chou
 CENG 99-07 Benchmarking of HPC System
by Dongsoo Kang, Henry W. Park, Jinwoo Suh, Viktor K. Prasanna and Sharad N. Gavali
 CENG 99-08 An Efficient Algorith for Large Scale Metrics Transposition
by Jinwoo Suh, Santosh Narayanan, and Viktor k. Prasanna
 CENG 99-09 Design & Perormance of SMMPs with Asynchronous Caches
by Fong Pong, Michel Dubois, and Ken Lee
 CENG 99-10 Performance Analysis of Asynchronous Circuits and Systems
by Aiguo Xie