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2002 Tech Reports

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CENG 02-01     Optimizing Graph Algorithms for Improved Cache Performance
by Joon-Sang Park, Michael Penner, and Viktor K. Prasanna
CENG 02-02

An ATPG for Threshold Testing: Obtaining Acceptable Yield in Future Processes
by Zhigang Jinag and Sandeep Gupta

CENG 02-03

A method for Applying Double Scheme Dynamic Reconfiguration over InfiniBand™
by Tomithy Pinkston, Bilal Zafar, and Jose Duato

CENG 02-07 Integrating Complete-System and User-level Performance/Power Simulators:
This Sim Wattch Approach

by Jianwei Chen, Michel Dubois and Per Stenström
CENG 02-15 Memory Hierarchy Performance of Tiling and Block Data Layout
by Neungsoo Park, Bo Homg and Viktor Prasanna
CENG 02-16 Gate Delay Modeling for Multiple To-non-controlling Stimuli
by Liang Chi Chen, anf Melvin Breuer