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2006 Tech Reports

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CENG-2006-1 An Evaluation of Availability Latency in Carrier-Based Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
by Krishnamachari, Ghandeharizadeh & Kapadia
CENG-2006-2 Performance Analysis of Epidemic Routing under Contention
by Psounis & Apoorva
CENG-2006-3 Derivations of the Expected Energy Costs of Search and Replication in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari & Ahn
CENG-2006-4 Sequence Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari & Yedavalli
CENG-2006-5 -Title and PDF Unavailable-
by Gupta & Shahidi
CENG-2006-6 The Power of Choice in Random Walks: An Empirical Study
by Krishnamachari & Avin
CENG-2006-7 Pricing Reliable Routing in Wireless Networks of Selfish Users
by Krishnamachari & Liu
CENG-2006-8 Using Heterogeneity to Enhance Random Walk-based Queries
by Krishnamachari, Zuniga & Avin
CENG-2006-9 Impact of Capture on Multihop Wireless Networks in an Optimal Rate Control Framework
by Krishnamachari, Syed & Jun
CENG-2006-10 Analysis of Slotted Multi-Access Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari & Yedavalli
CENG-2006-11 LAMA: Location-Aware Medium Access for Wireless Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari & Yedavalli
CENG-2006-12              Fundamental Mobility Properties for Realistic Performance Analysis of Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
by Psounis & Apoorva

MobIGames: Mobile Interaction Games with Wireless Devices
by Krishnamachari, Kapadia & Wang

CENG-2006-14 Enhancement of the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Protocol for Scalable Data Collection in Dense Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari &Yedavali
CENG-2006-15 On Characterizing Performance of the Cell Broadband Engine Element Interconnect Bus
by Pinkston & Ainsworth