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2007 Tech Reports

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CENG-2007-1 Modeling Search Costs in Wireless Sensor Networks
by Krishnamachari & Ahn
CENG-2007-2 Modelling BitTorrent-like Systems in Heterogeneous Environments
by Psounis, Wei-Cherng Liao, Fragkiskos Papadopoulos
CENG-2007-3 -Title and PDF Unavailable-
by Dubois
CENG-2007-4 Contention-Aware Analysis of Routing Schemes for Mobile Opportunistic Networks
by Psounis and Apoorva
CENG-2007-5 Test Generation Framework for Evaluation of Wireless MAC Protocols
by Shamim Begum
CENG-2007-6 An Efficient PIM Architecture for Computer Graphics
by Gupta and Cha
CENG-2007-7 Efficient Identification of Uncongested Links for Topological Downscaling of Internet-like Networks
by Psounis and Papadopoulos
CENG-2007-8 An Analytical Study of Fundamental Mobility Properties for Encounter-based Protocols
by Psounis, Spyropoulos, Jindal
CENG-2007-9 Contention-Aware Performance Analysis of Mobility-Assisted Routing
by Psounis and Jindal
CENG-2007-10 On the Performance Evaluation of Encounter-based Worm Interactions Based on Node Characteristics
by Helmy and Tanachaiwiwat
CENG-2007-12                    The Achievable Rate Region of 802.11-Scheduled Multi-hop Networks
by Apoorva Jindal and Konstantinos Psounis
CENG-2007-13 Performance of a Propagation Delay Tolerant ALOHA Protocol for Underwater Wireless Networks
by Joon Ahn and Bhaskar Krishnamachari