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2012 Tech Reports

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CENG-2012-1           AirSync - enabling Distributed MIMO with Full Spatial Multiplexing
by Horia Vlad Balan, Ryan Rogalin, Antonios Michaloliakos, Konstantinos Psounis and Giuseppe Caire

Trojan detection via delay measurements: An approach to select paths and vectors to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost
by Byeongju Cha and Sandeep K. Gupta


QoI-aware Analysis of Wireless Networks
by Horia Vlad Balan, Ahmed Bahjat, Ramesh Govindan, Thomas LaPorta Kostas Psounis and Ram Ramanathan

CENG-2012-4 Variability aware gate delay model considering MIS for ultra-low power/energy CMOS circuits
by Prasanjeet Das and Sandeep K. Gupta
CENG-2012-5 Scalable System-level Active Low-Power Mode with Bounded Latency
by Daniel Wong and Murali Annavaram
CENG-2012-6 Efficient post silicon validation via segmentation of the process variation envelope: Global vs. local variations
by Prasanjeet Das and Sandeep K. Gupta
CENG-2012-7 Efficient MAC for distributed multiuser MIMO systems
by V. Balan, A. Michaloliakos, R. Rogalin, K. Psounis and G. Caire