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2014 Tech Reports

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CENG-2014-01           BackIP: Backpressure Routing in IPv6-Based Wireless Sensor Networks
by Srikanth Nori, Suvil Deora, Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Efficient RAS support for 3D Die-Stacked DRAM
by Hyeran Jeon, Gabriel H. Loh, Murali Annavaram


A Heuristic Logical Effort Approach for Gate Sizing for CNFET-Based Circuits
by Da Cheng, Fangzhou Wang, Feng Gao, and Sandeep K. Gupta

CENG-2014-04 Blade – A Timing Violation Resilient Asynchronous Design Template
by Dylan Hand, Benmao Cheng1, Melvin Breuer, Peter A. Beerel
CENG-2014-05 GPGPU Register File Management by Hardware Co-operated Register Reallocation
by Hyeran Jeon and Murali Annavaram


Optimal Control for Epidemic Routing of Two Files with Different
Priorities in Delay Tolerant Networks

by Shangxing Wang, MHR. Khouzani, Bhaskar Krishnamachari and Fan Bai
CENG-2014-07 Futility Scaling: High-Associativity Cache Partitioning (Extended Version)
by Ruisheng Wang and Lizhong Chen

CTA-aware Prefetching for GPGPU
by Hyeran Jeon, Gunjae Koo and Murali Annavaram 

CENG-2014-09 Accurate Model for Application Failure due to Transient Faults in Cache
by Mehrtash Manoochehri and Michel Dubois