Shel Swenson

Dr. Shel Swenson is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Electrical Engineering Department and Manager of the Future Computing Platforms S2I2 Conceptualization Project.

My research interests are at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and biology. Specifically, I am interested in using discrete mathematics to help answer questions in biology.

My Ph.D and initial postdoctoral work, both with Tandy Warnow at The University of Texas at Austin, focused on designing methods for estimating large-scale evolutionary histories. Subsequently, as a postdoctoral fellow in the School of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology I worked with Christine Heitsch and her students on problems in mathematical and computational biology, specifically RNA secondary structure prediction.

When not at work I'm usually dancing (I am a former member of Austin Classical Ballet and now perform with D'Air ) or perhaps taking a break to go cycling.

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Last updated Jan 25 2013


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Last updated Jan 25 2013