Current Students

·  Sajjad Beygi  (transceivers for multi-scale, multi-lag wideband channels, sparse approximation theory)

·  Sunav Choudhary (sparse approximation methods for bilinear operators)

·  Kuan-Wen Huang (joint  communications/radar waveform design)


Post Docs

·  Dr. Nicolo Michelusi (PhD’13, University of Padova)  (sparse approximation methods for control of large scale wireless networks)




·  Mr. Marian Bica (visiting PhD student, Aalto University, November 2014-May 2015) (joint communication/radar waveform design)

·   Prof. Erik Strom  (Professor, Chalmers University, Summer 2013, Summer 2014)(channel estimation for V2V channels)

·  Prof.  Mariane Petraglia (Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, January 2014-December 2014)( filter bank-based channel estimation for multi-scale, multi-lag channels)

·  Prof.  Masoumeh Nasiri-Kenari (Professor, Sharif University, Spring 2014)( molecular communication transceiver design and capacity analysis)


Recent Accolades

·  Daphney Zois (Gerondelis Foundation Research Award, June 2014)

·  Sunav Choundary  (Ming Hsieh Research Review Poster Award, October 2013)

·  Marco Levorato (Globecom Best Paper Award,  Signal Processing for Communications Symposium, Anaheim CA, December 2012)

·  Srinivas Yerramalli (SPCOM Student Best Paper Award, Bangalore India, June 2012)

·  Daphney Zois (USC Intel Foundation Fellowship Finalist, March 2013)

·  Daphney Zois (Ming Hsieh Research Review Poster Award, March 2013)

·  Daphney Zois (Ming Hsieh Institute Scholar 2012-2013)

·  Chiranjib Choudhuri (Qualcomm Innovation Fund Finalist, March 2012)

·  Srinivas Yerramalli (Ming Hsieh Institute Scholar 2011-2012)

·  Geoff Hollinger & Srinivas Yerramalli (Finalist, ICRA KUKA Service Robotics Best Paper Award, Shanghai China, May 2011)

·  Sunav Choudhary (Annenberg Fellowship 2010)

·  Daphney Zois (USC Myronis Fellowship 2010)

·  Daphney Zois (Greek Panagiotis Triantafyllidis Fellowship 2010-2012)

·  Marco Levorato (Finalist, Best Young Researcher Award, Dept. of Information Engineering, University of Padova, Italy, 2009 and 2010)

·  Daphney Zois (Greek Andreas Metzelopoulos Fellowship 2008-2010)

·  Daphney Zois (Viterbi Dean’s Fellowship 2008)

·  Satish Vedantam (Annenberg Fellowship 2007)




Past Students (USC)

·  Daphney Stavroula Zois  PhD’14 (post-doctoral researcher at UIUC with Max Raginsky)

·  Dr. Srinivas Yerramalli  PhD’13 (Qualcomm Corporate R&D, San Diego,  CA)

·  Dr. Chiranjib Choudhuri  PhD’12 (Qualcomm India, Bangalore)

·  Dr. Gautam Thatte PhD’10  (Trellisware, Carlsbad CA)

·  Dr. Satish Vedantam  PhD’09 (Bloomberg, New York, NY)

·  Dr. Madhavan Vajapeyam  PhD’07 (Qualcomm Corporate R&D, San Diego, CA)

·  Dr. Chartchai Meesookho PhD’07  (w/ S. Narayanan) (independent consultant, Bangkok Thailand)

·  Dr. Wanshi Chen MS'00 OSU, PhD’07 USC (Qualcomm Corporate R&D, San Diego, CA)

·  Dr. Stefan Franz  PhD’06  (Intel Mobile Communications, Munich Germany)

·  Dr. Jifeng Geng   MS’00 OSU, PhD’04  USC (Qualcomm QC, San Diego, CA)

·  Prof. Sau-Hsuan Wu PhD’03 (w/ CC Jay Kuo)

 (Associate Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan)   



Past Post-docs & Visitors (USC)

·  Dr. Emrah Akyol (post-doctoral researcher at UIUC with Tamer Basar and Cedric Langbort)(post-doctoral researcher at USC 2013-2014)

·  Prof.  Geoff Hollinger (Assistant Professor, Oregon State University)(post-doctoral researcher 2010-2013)

·  Mr. Alexander Onic (visitor at USC Spring 2013) (PhD candidate,  Klagenfurt University, Klagenfurt Austria)

·  Prof. Marco Levorato (Assistant Professor, University of California, Irvine)   (visitor and post-doctoral researcher at USC, 2010-2012, Spring/Summer 2008)

·  Dr. Daniel Liu (post-doctoral researcher at USC 2008-2009)

 (with G. Caire) (Northrup Grumman, Los Angeles, CA)

·  Dr. Feng Wan (NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow)

·  Mr. Hiroyuki Oka (Japanese Patent Office) (visitor at USC 2008-2009)

·  Prof. Wenyi Zhang (Professor, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei China) (post-doctoral researcher at USC 2006-2008)

·  Dr. Cecilia Carbonelli (Intel Mobile Communications, Munich Germany) (visitor and post-doctoral researcher at USC)

·  Prof. Mehmet Akar (Associate Professor, Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey)  (post-doctoral researcher/research assistant professor at USC 2001-2003)

·  Prof. Monica Fernandez Bugallo (Associate Professor, SUNY  Stonybrook) (post-doctoral researcher at USC 2001)


Past Students and Visitors (OSU)

·  Prof.  Emre Aktas, PhD’02, (Associate Professor, Hacettepe, University, Ankara, Turkey)

·  Prof.  Carlos Escudero (Associate Professor & Faculty Vice-Dean, La Coruna University, La Coruna, Spain) (visitor and post-doctoral researcher at OSU)

·  Abhay Sharma MS'00 (Analog Devices, PhD student, IISc, Bangalore, India with Chandra Murthy)

·  Zhouyue Pi MS'00 (Nokia, Richardson, TX)

·  Dr. Li-Chung Chu PhD'99 (TRDA, San Diego, CA)

·  Radha Srinivasan MS'98 (w/ R. Moses)(Lincom, Los Angeles, CA)

·  Adolfo Recio MS'98 (Impsat, Colubmia)

·  Jiangxin Chen MS'97 (Prediction Co., Santa Fe, NM)

·  Siwaruk Siwamogsatham MS'97  (Thailand)

·  Keerthi Govind MS'96 (Staff Engineer, San Diego, CA)

·  Jwalant Vakil MS'96 (Motorola, Schaumburg, IL)
















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