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ONR, (Multi-Disciplinary Basic Research in the Science of Autonomy with Naval Relevance) Intelligent Coordination and Adaptive Classification for Naval Autonomous Systems

(lead PI: U. Mitra, H. Singh(WHOI), co-PIs: F. Hover (MIT), S. Narayanan (USC), M. Stojanovic (NEU), G. Sukhatme (USC))

(08/01/09 - 07/31/15)


NSF CIF: Multiscale Methods for Mobile Underwater Networks (sole PI)



NSF NeTS Large:  Collaborative Research: Exploration and Exploitation in Actuated Communication Networks

(lead PI: U. Mitra, S. Narayanan-USC, G. Sukhatme -USC and M. Stojanovic -Northeastern, F. Hover – MIT)



AFOSR: Reduced-Dimension Wireless Network and Radio Design: Enabling New Radio Architectures

(lead PI: A. Goldsmith - Stanford, U. Mitra – USC)



NSF NeTS Medium: A Sparse Decomposition Framework for Complex System Design and Analysis

(lead PI: U. Mitra with A. Ortega, USC)

(8/01/2014 to 7/31/2017)





Recently Completed


USDOT Federal Transit Administration, Technical and Safety

Evaluation of the Southern California Regional Rail Authority Positive Train

Control Deployment Project

(lead PI: J. MooreP. Ioannou, U. Mitra, N. Meshkati, M. Dessouky USC)



NSF: Cognitive femtocells: breaking the spatial reuse limits of cellular systems  (w/ G. Caire (USC)) (9/01/09 – 8/31/12)


NSF: NETS-NECO: Wireless Underwater Multi-tiered Acoustic Networks (WUMAN)

(w/ M. Stojanovic (Northeastern) (9/01/08 – 8/31/11)


NSF: NeTS-NBD: Maltraffic Analysis and Detection in Challenging

and Aggregate Traffic (MADCAT)

(w/ J. Heidemann (PI), ISI, A. Ortega, USC, C. Papadopoulos, Colorado State) (9/01/06 – 8/31/10)


NSF MRI: Development of an Always-Available Testbed for Underwater Networking Research

(with W. Ye (PI), J. Heidemann, J. Wills, all USC/ISI) (08/01/08– 07/31/2010)


NIH: Mobile Device Biomonitoring to Prevent and Treat Obesity in Underserved Minority Youth (supplement to NCMHD Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Minority Health)

(with  D. Spruijt-Metz (PI), M. Annavaram (PI), S. Narayanan, N. Medvidovic, G. Sukhatme, all USC) (08/01/08– 07/31/10)


NSF:  Collaborative-NeTS-NOSS Networking the Digital Ocean

(w/ M. Neely (USC), L. Duguay(USC), K. Fall(Intel), J. Preisig(WHOI), M. Stojanovic (Northeastern)) (9/01/06 – 8/31/09)


Qualcomm: Mobile Metabolic health Monitoring Network: Phase 1

(with  S. Narayanan (PI),  M. Annavaram, N. Medvidovic, G. Sukhatme, D. Spruijt-Metz all USC)(08/01/08– 07/31/09)


USC Provost's Office: The Digital Ocean: a proposal to the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (07/01/05-06/30/06)


ONR: Cooperative communications and signal processing methods for large

scale sensor networks (03/01/04-09/30/06)


Center for Embedded Networked Systems (NSF STC, UCLA), Sensor Networks: Communication via Collaboration (09/01/03-08/31/04)


NSF: NRT: Scalable Testbed for Next Generation Mobile Wireless Networking Technologies, R. Bagrodia, UCLA, PI (12 PI grant: UCLA, UCSD, USC, UC Riverside, UCSB, University of Delaware) (10/01/03-09/30/06)


NSF:ITR: From Sensor Networks to Multimedia Systems: New Views on MIMO Channels (07/15/03-06/30/06)


NSF: A Hybrid Systems Approach to Resource Allocation for Multimedia

Wireless Networks (w/ S. Jordan (UCI)), (09/02-11/05)


USC WISE Large Grant Program (09/01-08/04)


NSF: Efficient Integration and Quality-of-Service Management of Video

over Wireless Networks (w/ W.-C. Feng, Oregon Graduate Institute) (10/01-09/04)


Post-doctoral Researchers, Students & Visitors












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