EE 477 MOS VLSI Circuit Design

Other classes taught include

Engr499 Honors Project Course on Alternative Energy

EE 680 Computer Aided Design of Digital Systems I Synthesis; partitioning; placement; routing of digital circuits; integrated circuit design methods; simulation at the switch, gate, register transfer and system levels.

EE 681 Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems II Theory and techniques for design and analysis of digital logic; specification, formal models; hardware-descriptive languages; formal verification, high level synthesis; logic synthesis.

EE 577 VLSI System Design a: Integrated circuit fabrication; circuit simulation; basic device physics; simple device layout; structured chip design; timing; project chip; MOS logic; system design silicon compilers. b: VLSI design project; preparation of chips for fabrication; testing fabricated chips; design examples; design of specific units (e.g., buses); design techniques; testability; system integration.

EE 557 Computer Systems Architecture: Comparative studies of computer system components: the CPU, memory, and I/O; analytical modeling techniques to allow comparative evaluation of architectures; parallelism and supercomputers.